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Pregnancy Hacks (How to make pregnancy just a little more comfy)

Pregnancy Hacks (How to make pregnancy just a little more comfy)

As her body changes and grows, I don’t know a single soon to be momma who doesn’t scour the web for ways to make life just a little more comfortable. Then, it gets quite intimidating. There’s so much information and so many products all claiming the same thing. This is a pregnancy must-have! Unless, you have a surplus of money or are willing to sacrifice other areas of your budget, the reality is that we can’t have it all. So, what is really necessary? Well, I’ve tried many things during my first pregnancy, and would say that overall, I felt that my pregnancy was quite comfortable – all things considered. Here are the top pregnancy hacks that made child bearing just a little more comfy.

I’ve included some of the products and activities that changed the way I coped with my first pregnancy. This is just what I’ve gathered through searches, personal recommendations or just happy stumblings that worked for me.

Disclaimer: The ideas represented on this site are merely from personal experience. This is not intended to be medical nor health advice. As with everything found on the internet, please consult with your doctor prior to trying or starting something new.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you purchase through a link, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

My Top 10 Pregnancy Hacks:

Let’s address morning sickness. The biggest pregnancy hack  for comfort with morning sickness or better described as my all day sickness were…

1) Ginger Tea

I lived off of ginger tea during my first trimester. Many times it was the only thing that I could tolerate and helped to calm my nauseous tummy. There’s some debate about ginger in excess during pregnancy. After consulting my doctor, I chose to limit myself to one to two cups a day. It was the most glorious cup of tea of my day and really made a difference with those really bad nausea days! 

2) Ginger Candy

While I’m on the ginger train, let’s bring up ginger candy. Oh. My. Gosh. What a little secret sauce that no one really talks about. I actually got my bag of ginger chewy candies from my family in Hawaii. We used to use it for a tasty snack or to help stop uncontrolled coughs in public. However, they also pack a punch for morning sickness and stop coughs. This was a game changer when my pregnancy progressed along and coughs became incredibly painful. Good news for those who do not live in Hawaii – a friend recently found them at Target online. 

3) Preggie Pops

These are more mainstream and often marketed at maternity stores. I like these drops for a more instant temporary fix! They are super handy to keep in a purse and pull out in case a wave of nausea sets in. I had a huge aversion to perfumes while I was pregnant. So I pretty much needed these little drops every time I went out in public, especially at church. Such a great pregnancy hack to boost out and about comfort!

Pregnancy Hack: Preggie Pop drops fight morning sickness.

Now, what about the achy pains from all the changes your body is making for baby? To make pregnancy just a little more comfortable, I recommend getting…

4) Really Good Shoes

I can’t stress this enough! Spend the extra money and get yourself a really good pair of shoes. Just like maternity clothes, make sure that you have room to grow. Whether that be a stretchy fabric or freedom with laces. I loved my Sketchers. They saved my feet because of the memory foam soles. Because I could make them really lose, I was able to wear them all the way to the hospital. In my third trimester (in the summer) my feet got so swollen where these were the only shoes that I was able to wear comfortably. This one is more than a pregnancy hack. This is a pregnancy MUST!

5) A Body Pillow

Specific pregnancy pillows saturate the market, and they are expensive and bulky. I didn’t actually go with one of those. My thought was that after pregnancy, it would just be one more thing to store and it took up a lot of the bed! I ended up simply purchasing a $10 standard body pillow from Costco similar to this one. It did the job, as long as I was ok sleeping on one side. I loved it because it took the pressure off of my achy hips and lower back.

This might be too much information, but it also provided support for the ladies who grew during pregnancy and were quite tender. Also, when your pregnant, no one tells you that your body may never go back to “normal”. The mom body is the new “normal”, which means that post delivery, a body pillow may still be helpful to support the hips. Just be sure to cuddle your poor husband a little more than your pillow.

6) A Bump Band

There are so many different products out there to support your growing belly. I ended up buying a Belly Belt from the Motherhood Maternity store. I didn’t wear my bump band every day or for more than an hour or so at a time. My doctor encouraged me to avoid prolonged wearing to ensure the health of the baby and circulation. However, I wore it (primarily while on a daily walk or out and about on my feet for prolonged periods of time), and it saved my back and many aches and pains that I accumulated as my belly grew. I also had issues with round ligament pain and this bump band helped with that. It was worth the money for the temporary relief and will definitely be pulled out during my next pregnancy. 

7) Epson Salt Foot Soaks

Maybe not a necessity, but oh so amazing. If you’re anything like me, feet swelling is a big issue from about 30 weeks on. I wasn’t about to stop walking everyday, so I needed something to relieve the pain. Even if it was just momentary, it was a moment of bliss. My husband would fill up a little tub of warm water, pour the Epson salt in it and place the tub in front of the TV so that I could watch Fixer Upper and rest my puffy, sad, achy feet. This is a life savor.

Finally, with all of the changes happening during pregnancy and all of the stress of the unknown that is coming, it’s more important than ever to take care of the mind and body to ensure future comfort. 

8) Read Some Confidence Boosting Books

The vast wealth of information really overwhelmed me while I was pregnant. Usually, I’m the kind of person who showed up to class having read all the required content, but for the first time in my life, I realized that I was completely in over my head and that fact had me frozen when trying to do any research!

When I told my mom that I was trying to work my way through one of those books that was entirely too thick to be an informationally fun read, her advice really resonated with me. She helped put my mind at ease as I was navigating this exciting yet nerve wracking time. She said, if you’re only going to read one book, read this one, and she handed me a tiny little non-intimidating looking soft cover of Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize. Mize writes from the perspective of conception through birth, and covers all the ways that tapping into faith can support you in doing the unimaginable. Even if you get nothing out of it spiritually, her scientific/spiritual explanation on labor pain was eye opening and incredibly empowering. I highly recommend this quick read! 

9) Attend Prenatal Yoga and Exercise Daily

I labored for about 60 hours. I hear that’s quite common for first time moms. If I had not purposed to walk for 45 minutes everyday and do what strength exercises were medically suggested by my midwife, I am not sure that I would have been able to make it through a natural childbirth. I attended a prenatal yoga class and practiced on my own as well from what I had learned. I did squats and bounced on an exercise ball at work.

It is so incredibly important to prepare the legs, core and, don’t forget arms, for labor and delivery. A concept that many leave out of conversations around labor and delivery. Keep in mind that it is unadvised to do some core exercises during pregnancy because your ab muscles are completely misplaced, so preparation of the core strength really starts prior to pregnancy if you can help it.

Do what you can

However, if you are already pregnant, there are many helpful strengthening exercises that are appropriate for a soon to be momma. I occasionally completed yoga workouts that I found on Youtube, and with this next pregnancy, I plan to make this a part of my daily routine. I highly recommend SarahBethYoga as she has nicely well rounded yoga practices that rejuvenate and challenge individuals of all skills. Going into labor and delivery, I thought I prepared well. However, by the time I was face to face with my daughter, I had spent every ounce of physical and emotional strength that I had left. I will definitely purpose to do more for the second kid.

This 20 minute yoga practice was a staple throughout my pregnancy.

Even when not pregnant, I find Sarah Beth’s instructional videos to be a great way to relieve stress as a busy work-from-home momma. If you are an expecting work-from-home momma or already a work-from-home momma, check out my tips for working from home with an infant!

10) Take an in Person Birthing Class

Ask your doctor about what is offered at your local hospital since many major hospitals offer some form of parent education courses. It was expensive and a big time commitment, but as new parents I felt that it was essential in helping us ease our worries and feel somewhat in the know as my labor progressed. There are online versions, but the in person classes definitely offered a lot more as far as preparation and strategies for childbirth goes. 

Also, I highly recommend focusing some of your learning on post delivery information as well. I found that in some crazy way, giving birth was the easy part. Everything got more difficult when we took the little one home. If you are considering breastfeeding at all, that is another very challenging aspect of momming. I highly recommend going through a breastfeeding course and checking out the breastfeeding lessons that I learned the hard way.

The takeaway for comfort during pregnancy

Let’s face it. Pregnancy is hard. What we ask the body to do is quite miraculous and somewhat inconceivable. My hope is that my pregnancy hacks that changed how I dealt with preparing for my little one’s arrival offer you a little relief as you prepare for the grand entrance of your bundle of joy. Feel free to share your pregnancy challenges as an expecting momma. Or if you’re already a momma of an earth-side human, I’d love to hear your advice in the comments. Through all of this, remember… you’ve got this momma! Take care of yourself. Treat yourself and know that you were designed for bringing life into this world.  In the end, your body will know what to do in whatever situation you are presented with, and you will be strong enough to handle whatever it takes! 

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