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Spend More Time with Your Children by Streamlining Your Shopping

Spend More Time with Your Children by Streamlining Your Shopping

Hey momma! What if I told you that you could spend more time with your kids? What mom wouldn’t love that? Think of how much time you spend weaving through the aisles at the store while on a frantic getaway as the husband watches the kids. Or, how much time do you spend trying to entertain your energetic kiddos while dragging them along in the grocery store. This doesn’t have to be you! By utilizing these Amazon shopping tips along with grocery delivery or pick-up orders, you can spend more time with your children by streamlining your shopping. Think about how many hours you could save over the course of a month. All hours that can be given right back to your kids or to yourself during their naptime.

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Spend More Time with Your Children by Streamling Your Shopping

Here’s how to use Amazon to spend more time with your children: 

Subscribe and save

This effort saving feature is only really effective if you have five or more items on subscribe and save. However, if it works for you and there are enough wanted items, you can actually save a small percentage per item. Typically, anywhere from 5-15%. What I love about this option is that you have full control and don’t have to spend any additional time thinking about it once you’ve set it up. You get to manually set the frequency of deliveries and can cancel anytime. 

I love that with this feature, you can choose to skip a delivery and cancel at any time. Also, if prices change, you’ll be notified in your email receipt and the change in price will only be applied to future purchases. 

I recommend including your subscriptions in a reminder on your normal life management calendar. That way, you can always be on top of your orders and be in control of your savings and inventory. However, even if you do miss managing a month, Amazon seems to have a pretty simple to navigate customer self-service option. 

Since Amazon and all things online are constantly changing, I highly recommend checking out the latest updates before using their subscription program. Check out more information about Amazon’s subscribe and save here.

Reorder with your history 

There are times when it doesn’t make sense for my family to be on subscriptions because we are not using the items predictably. In that case, I choose to utilize my order history to simply buy again. With any Amazon product, I recommend keeping an eye on the prices as they are ever changing and sometimes increase beyond the same product in a regular store. However, the ease of a couple clicks can guarantee that you keep your house stocked without pulling you away from your family. 

Save time by sneaking in shopping throughout your day
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Here’s what I buy from Amazon to save time and money:

All products listed were either the same price or more cost effective than their counterparts at local grocery or home essential stores. However, prices may fluctuate over time. I always recommend doing a quick search every once in a while to remain on top of prices if your budget is a concern. 

Saving time and money with toiletries from Amazon

Clear Care Contact Lenses Solution

Originally, I opted to purchase my contact solution from Amazon due to the COVID-19 restrictions and my desperation as my bottle got to a risky low level. My disdain for grocery shopping during the very beginning of those restrictions even increased my need for change. One random weekday, I had the realization that too many contact wearers have experienced… I realized that I only had about a day’s amount remaining in the bottle and no back up. I promptly got on Amazon and to my surprise they had a Prime One-Day delivery available. I’ve noticed that the prices tend to be on par with other grocery stores.

Also, a quick side note on my contact solution. When I first started wearing contacts, I tried almost every contact solution and contact brand combo. This solution turned out to be the only one that my eyes could handle. It deep cleans your contacts every night with hydrogen peroxide without having to physically rub the contact lenses. This nightly cleanse allows me to continue to wear my contacts in the spring without having continual red and irritated eyes. 

John Frieda Shampoo and Conditioner

Along with my contact solution, shampoo became a subscription from Amazon. I typically cannot find my favorite shampoo and conditioner at the grocery store, and unlike many Pacific Northwest moms, I don’t frequent Target (the only place that I’ve been able to routinely find it). The John Frieda shampoo and conditioner combo uses coconut and other natural oils to create a nice shine and calms my impossibly frizzy hair. This is the only shampoo that I have been able to wear my hair without straightening or curling. Plus, it smells nice! 

Aveeno Body Wash

Unlike the other toiletry items, this is an item that I’ve been buying off of Amazon for a while because it is incredibly difficult to find in stores. I prefer the large bottle with pump because it makes it much easier to use in a crowded shower. Also, I have very sensitive skin and some allergies to soy. This is one of the few natural body washes that is gentle on my skin and free of allergens. 

Burt’s Bees Micellar Make-Up Removing Sensitive Facial Towelettes

These micellar face wipes are an absolute must for the busy, working mom. Embarrassingly enough to admit it, I have too often crashed in bed, after a long, busy day, only to realize that I did not take my make-up off. It may sound lazy, or just innovative, but in those circumstances I can kindly ask my husband to bring a wipe (since he’s not in bed yet) and I can take off my make-up with no water and no rinsing. 

These towelettes are also great for traveling and long flights, camping, or any situation where having easily accessible water is not feasible. Plus, they make your skin feel so clean and soft unlike many other make-up removers that I’ve tried in the past.  

Children’s products available on Amazon that can give back more time to your children


If you have a Huggies or Pampers baby, Amazon is a great no-brain power option. Many of my mom-friends have been gifted diaper money through Amazon or have signed up for subscriptions. By doing so they don’t have to think about stocking the ever important diaper supply while juggling the new responsibilities of caring for an infant. My daughter fits the Kirkland diapers from Costco, which are a great cost-saving option, but if those don’t work for your kiddo, a diaper subscription just may be the way to go. 

Baby Bath Soap and Shampoo

We use the Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Gentle Body Wash. It has a wonderful scent and keeps our daughter’s sensitive skin moisturized and cared for. Many times, the lotion is bundled with the body wash. I highly recommend the lotion as well! It has been a life saver with my daughter’s dry skin, but doesn’t make her too greasy. 

Diaper Pail Refills

We absolutely love our Dekor Plus Diaper Pail! It’s quite good at keeping the room from stinking and is easy to get diapers in without having to squish it down. It met it’s match once we introduced beef and salmon to my daughter’s diet. However, I’m not sure what diaper pail could actually hold up to that level of smell anyway. 

Regardless, no matter what diaper pail you use, many refill bags are available on Amazon. For the Dekor, the refill bags are very simple to use and can be bought in bigger quantities through Amazon. I do not have them on a subscription, mostly because I haven’t quite calculated how often we replace them. But, the refill four pack is a great way to minimize the amount of times I have to think about it.

Infant/Toddler Vitamins

I had a difficult time finding vitamins that I felt comfortable with the ingredients. To my surprise, Whole Foods through Amazon (we do not have a nearby Whole Foods, unfortunately), had a great selection. I decided to purchase my daughter’s iron, vitamin D, and a daily multivitamin from Amazon. My daughter’s pediatrician gave us a huge thumbs up for the types of vitamins my daughter gets. The iron supplement even got her out of a blood draw, which this momma was happy about! 

Here are the three vitamin drops that we purchase from Amazon.

“>Garden of Life Baby Multivitamin Liquid: I love the peace of mind that comes with these non-GMO, gluten free, and vegan friendly vitamins.

Enfamil D-Vi-Sol Vitamin Supplement Drop

NovaFerrum Pediatrics Drops Liquid Iron Supplement: The great taste, makes this iron supplement an easy inclusion in my daughter’s breakfasts.

Kiinde Breast Milk Pouches

I know this helpful bottle system has made its way on previous posts, but it really did revolutionize my daughter’s bottle feeding world. When she was about 3-4 months, she completely rejected the bottle and made it almost impossible for anyone besides mom to feed her. Thanks to this Kiinde bottle system, she finally accepted the bottle. Of course, the milk pouches were not reusable (even though I put it back in the fridge and used the same pouch throughout the day). 

Amazon turned out to be the most cost efficient and convenient way to stock our pouches. I’d usually order more as we opened the last box in the pack. We used these for over a year as my daughter continued to bottle feed. We were even able to use them as purée pouches too! The gift set of the Kiinde bottle system comes with a food spoon that my daughter loved and this momma appreciated the clean up! 


Random, but necessary! My daughter’s first year shocked me with how quickly those little feet grow. I tried to include my daughter in my “only buy socks on Black Friday sales” rule. I mean come-on. Who doesn’t love half priced socks? But, about six months after her first Thanksgiving, I saw that I had anticipated incorrectly. I ended up getting my daughter VWU Socks with Grips. They are thick and soft socks for the winter. I absolutely love them! And, best of all, they stay on and have grippies that actually help with walking.

And, my mother in law got these grippy, day-to-day socks that work well for normal day to day use. The only trouble I am having with both versions is that they do not fit into any of her Striderite shoes. So, the Amazon shopping will continue…

Baby Bottle Soap

It didn’t take long to realize how much regular soap doesn’t work with cleaning up breast milk. I’d imagine formula would be a similar story as well. Dapple Baby Bottle soap was an absolute life saver. I bought the three pack and it lasted plenty long!

Bottle Brush

Likewise, a good bottle brush was a necessity being a working mom. So, I loved these Munchkin Bottle Brushes. My favorite part is the fact that it can stand on the counter or sink and that it has a foam brush on the top. Amazingly, few bottle brushes have the top sponge and I feel that it is a must to guarantee a good clean. 

Taking Care of Household items with Amazon. Another way to spend more time with your children.

Furnace Filters

Furnace filters are the random, easily forgotten maintenance item. With how expensive it is to replace a furnace, I would certainly not want to let this easy maintenance slide, so having this on a subscription or simply ordering a new one when I change out an old one works well for my household. Plus, if keeps our furnace properly maintained and protects our investment. We have a two-stage American Standard gas furnace and use Filtrete 20X20x4 AC/Furnace filter. There are many different types of furnaces and matching filters, but this was the filter recommended to us for our particular furnace from the installation company.

Refrigerator Water Filter Refills

Another random item that’s helpful to order as we replace our stock is our refrigerator filter. Whirlpool has their propriety EveryDrop filters and it’s difficult to find in stores. The small price we pay for an amazing appliance. So, ordering through Amazon generally saves a little money and guarantees a quick shipment.


I can’t even count how many times I’ve gone to the store with a mental grocery list, which included light bulbs. Then, I get home to realize that my normal grocery path didn’t not include that section. And, I am left with dark rooms and no replacement lightbulbs until my next grocery trip. Sound too familiar? This is another great household item to stock up on as the inventory is depleted. We use the Philips LED Non-Dimmable A19 Frosted Light Bulb and love the nice warm light that doesn’t seem to be too over bearing on the eyes like many LED lights out there. 

Stove Top Cleaner

If you have a ceramic flat top stove, having Smooth Top Ranges Cook Top Cleaning Creme is an absolute MUST. When we purchased the stove, I was honestly really nervous about how to keep it clean. I definitely did not want to look at grime and damage that I see on some flat top stoves. So, this product was recommended to me and I cannot talk it up enough. It takes a bit of elbow grease to rub in if the stove is extraordinarily dirty. However, a quick wipe with a paper towel and some buffing to make it shine, and the stove will always look as good as new.

The only downside is that this must be done after every mess. Cooking over messes is what causes the major damage to the stove. Which is exactly why having it available on Amazon is so helpful, so I can always make sure that I have this cleaner on hand. 

Scotch-Brite Scrub Dot Sponges

A good sponge can make doing the dishes so much less frustrating. I can’t promise that this tip will save you time, but it certainly can increase the satisfaction of clean dishes. I love these sponges. They are flexible enough to work around even the strangest shapes of dishware. A must when it comes to kids things). And, they are scrubby enough to get off the toughest of grime. Yet, soft enough to leave acrylic glassware looking brand new. I also love that they last a while, so investing in a pack goes a long way. 

Swiffer Wood Floor Cleaner and Pads

Technically, the regular Swiffer Wet Jet can work on hardwoods. But, with how much the floors cost, I don’t like taking a chance. Unfortunately, the specific wood floor cleaner is not available at Costco. So, Amazon is my go to when I’m in a pinch for this cleaner. I like how easy it is to mop my floors and the smell makes the house feel vibrant and clean.

At Home Dry Cleaning Kit

Let’s face it, sometimes there’s a need for certain clothes to be dry cleaned and there’s no time to coordinate a trip to the dry cleaner for drop off and pick up. Dryel was recommended to me as a great at home dry cleaning kit that can cut down on time spent out of the house and still get the necessary care for the commonly worn business attire. 

Take Away

Common throughout most walks of life and even more exaggerated in momma life, TIME is everything. When family asks me, “what do you want for your birthday/Christmas/etc.?” The only honest answer that I can ever give them is, “time”. Time is money in many cases. But, a budget is still a thing too. That’s why utilizing Amazon to streamline shopping and get back that time is worth it. You can spend more time with your children!

What are your favorite Amazon subscribe and save items? Leave them in the comments and be sure to subscribe to stay on top of the latest of Momma Life 2 the Fullest. Also, if you are looking for other time savers and mom tricks, be sure to check out Working From Home and Babies: A Survival Guide for Busy Mom’s.

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